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Memphis Country Club 2017 Golf Schedule

March 25-26 2017

Season Opener

March 25-26 2017          Time to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

Come on out and lets open up the year with a bang  

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

April 8 2017

Parent / Child

April 8 2017          Time to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

Parents Bring out your child and enjoy and fun day competing against others

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

April 29-30 2017

1 Person Scramble

April 29-30 2017            Time to be Announced          Memphis Country Club 

Come out and test your skills alone, in this match up you are your partner

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

May 13-14 2017

Jack and Jill

May 13-14 2017          Time to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

One Man , One Woman Team , Only one champion lets see who is the best

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

May 25 - 29 2017

Dennis Ward-Memorial Day Tournament

May 25 - 29 2017     Memphis Country Club

Entry Fee - $210 per Person - $420 per Team

Championship Flight - $210 per Person - $420 per Team

Thursday 25th Gayle Monzingo Scholarship Scramble

Friday 26th - Shoot out at 5pm , $20.00 per Person , Player Introduction at 8pm

Saturday 27th - 1st Round, Dance with Live Band to Follow at 9pm

Sunday 28th - 2nd Round, Meal to Follow Play

Monday 29th - Final Round



Bobby Hutcherson          806-259-3237

June 10-11 2017                                        2 Person Scramble 

June 10-11 2017        Times to be announced        Memphis Country Club

Alternate / Scramble Day 1   -   Low Ball Day 2

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

June 24-25 2017

                                   3 Person Scramble ( 3 Blind Mice )

                                      June 24-25 2017          Times to be Announced             Memphis Country Club

 After Each Round is over we will have 3 cards drawn to show which holes are removed from your score ( A regular Scramble with a Twist at the end )

                     Memphis Country Club            806-259-3237

July 4 2017

                                                      Annual 4th of July Tournament

                                        July 4 2017         Times to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

                             Come out and celebrate Independance Day with us and have some fun on the course

                       Memphis Country Club     806-259-3237

July 22-23  2017

Men and Women Club Championship

July 22 - 23 2017          Times to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

Come out and Compete For bragging rights between other members on who is better

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

August 5 2017

GLOW BALL Night Tournament

Aug. 5 2017          Time to Be Announced          Memphis Country Club

9 holes during the daylight, then test your skills with only LED lighted golf balls and lighted Flag sticks, Come out and join us fun for everyone

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

August 12-13 2017

Memphis vs Childress  ( Red River Cup )

August 12-13 2017          Times to be Announced          Memphis Country Club 

The best from each club will match up for 2 day to see who will take home the  RED RIVER CUP 

August 19-20 2017

Century Tournament

August 19-20 2017          Times to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

2 Person Scramble ( just make sure you and your partners age add to 100 at the least )

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

Sept. 2-4 2017

                         Labor Day Tournament

             Sept. 2-4  2017          Times to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

                     3 DAYS, 2 PERSON, 3 DIFFERENT FORMATS, 1 GREAT TIME

        Memphis Coutnry Club         806-259-3237

Sept. 9 2017

Lions Club Scramble

Sept. 29 2017          1:00 PM          Memphis Country Club

Memphis Lions Club 30th Annual Golf  Tournament

Two Person Scramble $50.00 Per Team

Mulligans Avaliable

Cash Prizes for top places in each flight, additional prizes for special contest held during the Tournament,  18 holes will be followed by Brisket Sandwiches

For Entry Contact:

Charles Phillips   Cell ( 940 ) 585-1092  ( 806 ) 259-3490 

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

Sept. 16 2017


Sept. 16 2017          Time to be Announced          Memphis Country Club

Come out to see old high school friends, talk about good memories, and make more

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237

September 30 2017

Greenskeeper Revenge

September 30 2017          Times to be announced          Memphis Country Club

Memphis Country Club          806-259-3237